SOFT DRINKS SMOOTHIES GREEN - spinach, oats, lime, banana, mango, apple, honey AMBER - papaya, peach, guava, pineapple, passion fruit RED - açaí, mango, blueberry, strawberries £3..90 MILKSHAKES Chocolate Chip, Vanilla, Strawberry or Salted Caramel 3.25 SODAS Coke £2.50 Diet Coke £2.30 Lemonade £2.50 Sparkling Elderflower £2.80 Ginger Beer £2.80 Lamb & Watt Tonic Water £2.20 Soda & Lime £1.60 FRESH JUICES Cranberry, orange or apple £2.50 DRAUGHT SHED HEAD Hoppy American style ale, Sweden 4.6% HALF £2.55 / PINT £4.90 ASAHI Super Dry, Japanese lager 5% HALF £2.80 / PINT £5.50 MAHOU 5 STAR Pilsen style lager, Madrid, 5.1% HALF £2.55 / PINT £4.90 BROOKLYN LAGER NYC ale, USA, 5.5% HALF £2.80 / PINT £5.50 INEDIT Wheat & malt beer by Ferran Adrià 4.8% HALF £3.10 / PINT £5.90 BROOKLYN NARANJITO Orange IPA, USA, 4.5% HALF £2.80 / PINT £5.50 HAWKSHEAD GOLD Locally brewed golden ale 4.4% HALF £2.55 / PINT £4.90 PORETTI 3 HOP Crisp lager, Italy 4.8% HALF £2.45 / PINT £4.80 APPLESHED CIDER Premium dry cider 5% HALF £2.55 / PINT £4.90 PORETTI 4 HOP Crisp lager, Italy 5.5% HALF £2.45 / PINT £4.80 ACTUALLY REALLY GOOD ALCOHOL FREE BEER The awesome Brooklyn 'Special Effect' beer. We have done a blind tasting with loads of people; nobody can taste the difference. £3.80 HERBAL TEA Jasmine, Green Tea, Peppermint, Chai, Camomile, Roobois, Red Berry, Rosehip & Hibiscus, Happiness, Rise & Shine £2.40 TEA English Breakfast, Darjeeling, Smokey Russian, Earl Grey £2.40 COFFEE Double espresso of locally roasted coffee topped up with hot water, served with or without milk £2.80 FLAT WHITE Strong short latte made with a double ristretto £2.80 CAPPUCCINO Double espresso of locally roasted coffee topped up with foamed hot milk £2.80 LATTE A double espresso folded into hot milk £2.80 MOCHA Our own blend of single origin chocolate and a double espresso folded into hot milk £2.80 ESPRESSO/MACHIATO Espresso is Espresso. The Machiato is the espresso with a drop of hot milk £2.40 DELUXE HOT CHOCOLATE With whipped cream and marshmallows £3.20 HOT CHOCOLATE Our own blend of single origin hot chocolate folded into hot milk £2.80 COCOA TEA COFFEE THE MANWICH Cumberland sausages, bacon & egg wrapped in bread baked to order £8.50 BACON SANDWICH 4 rashers of bacon in a freshly baked flatbread £6.50 HUEVOS RANCHEROS Eggs, beans & green chilies baked on a flatbread £6.95 STONE-BAKED CRUMPETS Served with lightly salted butter & preserves £2.50 BREAKFAST SPICED CARDOONS Warm marinated artichoke hearts £4.50 TAPENADE Homemade olive tapanade with flatbread £5.50 SMITH BAR OLIVES Rosemary & garlic marinated olives £3.50 ANCHOA Y ALMENDRA Fresh anchovies & toasted almonds £4.50 PIG SKINS Smoked paprika pork scratchings £2.50 AWESOME CRISPS Seabrook's plain, cheese & onion, prawn cocktail or salt & vinegar £1.00 GARLIC....BREAD? Garlic bread £5.50 with cheese £6.50 CHARCUTERIE PLATE Chorizo, kettle-cooked ham, Cumberland sausages& a flatbread £9.95 THEY'RE CRACKERS Chilli rice crackers £2.50 AND YOU'RE NUTS Dry roasted, smoked mixed nuts £2.50 DOUGHBALLS with chilli, herb & tomato salsa or herb crème fraîche £4.50 SNACKS WE WANT YOU TO SURVIVE YOUR VISIT The idea of a restaurant is that you feel restored when you leave (clue is in the name). We do not want you to feel worse off, so please let us know when you order if you have any food allergies. If you are gluten intolerant we can substitute the base for a gluten - free base for £2. We do not recommend this option to you if you are coeliac because the oven is not gluten free. If you are lactose intolerant, we have two type of vegan cheese that we can swap out for you for £1. An allergy information sheet is available on request. 6. ARTICHOKE Artichokes, chillies, spring onions, homemade tapenade, Grana Padano & mozzarella £9.50 1. NO CHEESE Fresh oregano, garlic, cherry tomatoes, no cheese £7.50 7. TRUFFLE Chestnut mushroom, garlic, Grana Padano & mozzarella, English truffle oil, pea shoots, ricotta £9.50 2. BASIL Mozzarella, Grana Padano DOC, crushed tomatoes, basil £8.50 8. SALMON Wolfgang Puck's famous smoked salmon & caviar pizza. Cooked to order, the pizza dough is baked with finely sliced red onion and olive oil until the crust is crackling. Then covered with dill & shallot infused crème fraîche and crowned with smoked salmon, lemon juice & caviar £13.90 3. HAM & MUSHROOM Bloor's kettle-cooked ham, English truffle oil, chestnut mushrooms, tomatoes, Grana Padano & mozzarella £9.50 9. FETA Feta, pinenuts, cherry tomatoes, spinach, crushed red chilli & red onions £9.50 4. ANCHOVY Marinated anchovies, Sicillian capers, Grana Padano, mozzarella, crushed tomatoes & red onion £9.50 5. CHORIZO Cured Iberian chorizo sausage, green chillies, crushed tomatoes, Grana Padano & mozzarella £9.50 PIZZA A. TOMATO Tomatoes, shallots, pea shoots, fresh lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil £4.55 D. WHEAT BERRY Wheat berry & mixed grain salad £4.55 C. MEXICANO Coriander, spring onion, tomato, chilies, lime & mixed beans £4.55 B. BEETROOT Beetroot, carrot, quinoa & lime £4.55 F. MIXED LEAF Mixed leaves tossed in lemon juice & extra virgin olive oil £2.55 E. GREEN BEAN Green beans, shallots, lemon zest, mixed herb salad £4.55 SALADS - 3 FOR £10 PROSECCO NIGHT EVERY WEDNESDAY 2 PIZZAS & A BOTTLE OF PROSECCO FOR £30 PIZZA CAN BE SWAPPED FOR A TRIO OF SALADS. PROSECCO CAN BE SWAPPED FOR HOUSE RED OR WHITE. EXCLUDES PIZZA NUMBER 8, ROSÉ PROSECCO COSTAROSS, VINICOLA SERENA COUNTRY: Italy REGION: Veneto GRAPE: Raboso ABV: 12% Bottle £26.00 Glass: £5.50 SPARKLING WINES JACQUART MOSAIQUE NV COUNTRY: France REGION: Reims, Champagne GRAPE: Pinot Noir et al ABV: 12.5% Bottle: £35.00 PROSECCO VIA VAI NV COUNTRY: Italy REGION: Veneto GRAPE: Glera ABV: 11% Bottle: £26.00 Glass: £5.50 ENGLISH BRUT RESERVE NV COUNTRY: England REGION: Lyme Bay GRAPE: Seyval ABV: 11% £35.00 ROSÉ WEST COAST SWING 2017 COUNTRY: USA REGION: California GRAPE: Zinfandel ABV: 10.5% Bottle £19.50 125ml: £3.50 175ml: £5.00 250ml: £6.70 LA LANDE CINSAULT 2018 COUNTRY: France REGION: South West GRAPE: Cinsault ABV: 12% Bottle £19.50 125ml: £3.50 175ml: £5.00 250ml: £6.70 WHITE WINES VINAMAR 2018 COUNTRY: Chile REGION: Casablanca Valley GRAPE: Sauvignon Blanc ABV: 12% Bottle £19.50 125ml: £3.50 175ml: £5.00 250ml: £6.70 STORMY CAPE 2017 COUNTRY: SA REGION: West Cape GRAPE: Pinot Grigio ABV: 10.5% Bottle £19.50 125ml: £3.50 175ml: £5.00 250ml: £6.70 PEREGRINE MOHUA 2017 COUNTRY: NZ REGION: South Island GRAPE: Sauvignon Blanc ABV: 13% Bottle £24.00 125ml: £4.00 175ml: £6.00 250ml: £8.00 CLOUDY BAY 2017 COUNTRY: NZ REGION: Marlborough GRAPE: Sauvignon Blanc ABV: 13% Bottle: £39.00 BOGLE VINEYARDS 2017 COUNTRY: USA REGION: California GRAPE: Chardonnay ABV: 14% Bottle £26.00 125ml: £4.50 175ml: £6.50 250ml: £8.50 ETNA BIANCO DOC, PLANETA 2017 COUNTRY: Italy REGION: Sicily GRAPE: Carricante ABV: 13% Bottle £29.80 DOMAINE DE VAUROUX, CHABLIS 2017 COUNTRY: France REGION: Burgundy GRAPE: Chardonnay ABV: 12.5% Bottle: £29.90 YEALANDS 2018 COUNTRY: NZ REGION: Marlborough GRAPE: Riesling ABV: 12.5% Bottle: £28.00 RED WINES PRIMERA LUZ 2018 COUNTRY: Chile REGION: Central Valley GRAPE: Merlot ABV: 13% Bottle £19.50 125ml: £3.50 175ml: £5.00 250ml: £6.70 PAPALE, VARVAGLIONE, ORGANIC 2015 COUNTRY: Italy REGION: Puglia GRAPE: Primitivo (Zinfandel) Bottle £45 LEDUC 2018 COUNTRY: France REGION: Languedoc GRAPE: Pinot Noir ABV: 13% Bottle £22.00 125ml: £3.90 175ml: £5.90 250ml: £7.90 FALCON'S PERCH, J. LOHR 2017 COUNTRY: USA REGION: Monterey GRAPE: Pinot Noir ABV: 13.5% Bottle: £35.00 KALI RIZA VIEILLES VIGNES PDO AMYNDEON 2016 COUNTRY: Greece REGION: Macedonia GRAPE: Xinomavro ABV: 13% Bottle £26.00 MADFISH BAY, BURCH FAMILY 2015 COUNTRY: Australia REGION: Western region GRAPE: Shiraz ABV: 14% Bottle £28.00 CANNONBALL 2016 COUNTRY: USA REGION: Sonoma, California GRAPE: Cabernet Sauvignon ABV: 13.5% Bottle £28.50 125ml: £4.70 175ml: £7.10 250ml: £9.50 PERFILES TEXTURA FINA, TRAPICHE 2016 COUNTRY: Argentina REGION: Mendoza GRAPE: Malbec ABV: 13% Bottle £28.50 125ml: £4.70 175ml: £7.10 250ml: £9.50 THIS QUIZ IS NOT NORMAL! WHY DID WE COME? THIS IS CRAZY THEY SAID IT WOULD BE FUN! W.T.F? EVERY TUESDAY FROM 7:30PM WE PAY THE WINNER'S BILL BOOKING RECCOMENDED! NEWSFLASH! RASPBERRY SPRITZ Crushed raspberries, prosecco & raspberry gin £8.50 COCKTAILS APEROL SPRITZ Aperol & prosecco £7.50 LIMONCELLO SPRITZ Almalfi limoncello, prosecco & soda £8.50 CASSIS SPRITZ Kir Royale made with prosecco £8.50 BUTTERSCOTCH RUSSIAN Homemade butterscotch vodka & coffee liqueur £8.50 WHISKEY SOUR Kentucky bourbon, lemon, egg whites £8.50 ESPRESSO MARTINI Redbank espresso, Belvedere vodka £9.50 LA BELLE BLEU Curaçao, vodka, homemade lemonade £8.50 D&B MOJITO Dandelion & burdock gin, mint, fresh lime £8.50 LEMONGRASS & GINGER Tall cooler made with ginger & lemon grass gin and gingerbeer £8.50 SPOTLIGHT ON... HOME-STEEPED GINS! Made using herbal teas and any other great ingredients that we can lay our hands on. RED BERRY - DANDELION & BURDOCK - PEACH & RASPBERRY - VANILLA EARL GREY - MACHA TEA - MARMALADE - LEMONGRASS & GINGER CAMOMILE - ROSE & HIBISCUS - BLACKCURRANT - RHUBARB & ROSEHIP All recommended to go with house tonic or lemonade to be bitter or sweet. Single £3.95 Double £7.10 add mixer for £1 NEGRONI Campari, vermouth, marmalade gin £8.50 FILTHY MARTINI Dry gin, red vermouth & crushed olives £9.50 *Maximum 10 people **Minimum spend applies christmas parties £20pp mid-week £25pp weekends DINNER PARTY* Book somewhere more fun thi s year! Prosecco cock tail & bites to share on arri val, then awesome pizza & salad of your choice followed by coffee and des sert s . COCKTAIL PARTY** Throw a cock tail part y at The Smith and we will show you the time of your li ves ! Exclus i ve use, prosecco cock tail s & bites to share on arri val followed by UNL IMITED PIZZA all night! DON'T MISS YOUR CHANCE FOR THE BEST DATES BOOK NOW! NEW year's DISCO Book somewhere that's actually fun this year! QUIZ DINNER TICKETS Following the succes s of our Pub Quiz, thi s year our NYE part y will be themed around a Quiz Show! Prize for the winning quiz team i s a full refund of ticket s ! Prosecco cock tail & bites to share on arri val, then awesome pizza & salads . Includes after -dinner bar ticket. L imited availabilit y . £45pp BAR TICKETS Book somewhere more fun thi s year! Prizes for bes t fancy dres s on the theme of Quiz Show hos t, so come dres sed in your chees y fines t or jus t opt for tux/ballgown either wor k s . Includes ; Star s In Their Eyes Karaoke, Part y Games , Prosecco cock tail s & bites to share on arri val, Di sco, Prosecco cock tail s at Midnight. Plus the bar s tay s open until 2am! £25pp