Raspberry Spritz 8.5

~A spritz made using our homemade gin, with a slightly sweeter finish


Aperol Spritz 8.5

~An Italian summer classic to be enjoyed all year round


Blackcurrant Spritz 8.5

~A blackcurrant flavoured cocktail, made with our own gin and prosecco


Limoncello Spritz 8.5

~A summertime must have, made with the classic lemon liqueur


White Russian 8.5
~A milk and vodka cocktail with a bit of coffee liqueur mixed in, great for relaxing in the evening


Negroni Di Fabbro 8.5

~Our own variation on the classic Negroni, made with a marmalade gin for added depth


Lemongrass & Ginger Collins 8.5

~A gin based collins, with a bitter taste and a ginger kick


Dandelion & Burdock Collins 8.5

~With the same taste as the classic pop drink but with a gin based twist and a hint of lime, a must try for any dandelion and burdock fans!

Dark and Stormy Sour 8.5

~Not typically a sour drink, this spiced rum based cocktail has a smooth texture and a lemon like finish

Whiskey Sour 8.5

~Our signature whiskey cocktail, if you like whiskey then this is the one for you


Strawberry Daiquiri 9.5

~A summertime classic, a sweet cocktail made with fresh strawberries and rum

Kamikaze 8.5

~Our newest edition, with a vodka and orange liqueur base, a bitter cocktail not for the faint hearted!


Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri 6

~The classic cocktail but without the alcohol! Made with lots of fresh strawberries for a nice sweet finis


Made using herbal teas and any other great ingredients that we can lay our hands on.



Red Berry

Dandelion & Burdock

Peach & Raspberry



Lemongrass & Ginger


Rose & Hibiscus


Rhubarb & Rosehip


Honey & lemon


All recommended to go with house tonic or lemonade to be bitter or sweet.

Single 3.95 Double 7.1 Add Mixer for £1



Cranberry 2.5


Orange 2.5


Apple 2.5



Coke 2.5


Diet Coke 2.5


Lemonade 2.5


Elderflower Pressé 2.8


Ginger Beer 2.8


Rose Lemonade 2.8


Soda & Lime 2